Monday, March 10, 2008

What a weekend.................

...............can't believe it was only 2 days long!!!

Here are the postcards I briefly mentioned in my last post. Remember the bright green run I did awhile back? This is what I did with those colors. Wasn't sure at first, since it's not colors that I'd normally work in, but as I progressed, I think the colors really grew on me & I started to really like them. They're paper pieced pc's & they're the first project I finished with my new sewing machine, the Janome 6600, which I just LOVE by the way!!

I also did 2 more 11-step runs of make green (trying to find that neon green that I used in many of my past pieces). I did one run with ProChem's Golden Yellow & Turquoise (talk about nasty drabby green) & the other run with ProChem's Sun Yellow & Turquoise. I knew that neon green had to be in there somewhere & Michelle mentioned doing a couple of steps in between that I didn't do in the first run & she was right!! I found it, thank you Michelle!!! (I'll try to get those runs posted tomorrow so you can see the wonderful colors.)

It was Daylight Savings, "Spring forward" this weekend as well. My brain nor my body seems to do very well when we have to set our clocks an hour ahead. I feel like I'm always trying to catch up. The one nice thing about it though is that daylight tends to stick around a little bit longer in the evenings.

The topper to my weekend was when I got carded at the grocery store for alcohol. I'll be 39 in September, not looking forward to turning 40 & this wonderful cashier makes my day by asking for my ID. I think she was a little embarrassed when she carded me & realized how OLD I was. She apologized & said, "there's no way you're that age, you look so young, whatever you're doing, it's working. You look great!!" (Made my ENTIRE weekend!!)

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Karen said...

Always nice to be taken for younger than you actually are isn't it?

The cards look great by the way.