Friday, August 13, 2010

Published in the UK!!!

I have to admit, this have been a fabulous year for me, so far.............wait, find a piece of wood to "knock on"  :)

A wonderful friend of mine, Marion Barnett, published a journal of mine that I created using Evolon.  You might remember a blog post I did on this journal back in June of last year.  Marion introduced me to Evolon, told me to work with it & see what happens.  I tried to give up twice, but Marion wouldn't let me & I'm glad she didn't! I was able to have the opportunity to work with a fiber I didn't even know existed & it really challenged me since I was used to working with natural fabrics & this is more of a synthetic.  (Which is why I stumbled & hesitated so much!!)

Once I started working with it, it reminded me a lot of Tyvek & since I had played with Tyvek quite a bit, my fear subsided (a little).  

Both Tyvek & Evolon can be melted using a heat gun, however, Evolon takes a lot longer to melt & I think it's more toxic smelling than when melting Tyvek, so make sure you wear a respirator & do your "melting" outside, just to be on the safe side!!

You can read about the the techniques I used here.  (Thank you Lynda Monk & Carol McFee for introducing me to Golden Fluid Acrylics).  The beautiful colors with the synthetic fibers of Evolon created a beautiful shimmering appearance!

I was SO excited to see my work published in Marion's book, that I didn't even notice when I read through it the first time that I was the only US artist published in this book!!  (Didn't know I could get anymore excited than I already was, but it happened!!)


Below is an "up close & personal" look at my journal.  I think, um..........those might be my fingerprints in the paints (I used my fingers to "move" the color around on the surface) we'll just call those "the artist's textural marks".