Thursday, May 6, 2010

Featured on

My repurposed art has been featured on's website again, yeah!! (Thank you, Rebecca!!)

May 17-23 is American Craft Beer Week & what better way to support American Beer Craft Week (other than drinking wonderful craft beers) but also by creating art from those empty bottles, beer labels, bottle caps & 6-pack cardboard containers!!

Check out my wonderful friend :), Michelle's
bottle cap bracelet!! I think some of those might be from caps that I sent her!! We constantly support each others' art habits by Michelle saving & scavaging curbside recycle bins while walking her dog, Rosi, while I save her all the caps from what I drink & from when I attend social events that serve their beer in bottles. Just last night at my office's Cinco de Mayo party, I was able to get her over 20 usable bottle caps. :) (Will be mailing those out soon with bunch of others, Michelle!!)

I have to say, since I've started creating art from repurposed materials, it really makes you realize, how many missed opportunities, get tossed into the garbage that could have been used to create art. (I have 5 Rubbermate totes FULL of possible opportunities!!)