Monday, March 31, 2008

Ah, Opening Day............Go Mariners!!

Another sign that Spring is here..................BASEBALL!! (Although you wouldn't be able to tell by the cold temps & the snow that we've been seeing in the lowlands this last weekend.)

Across the US, today & tomorrow, is Opening Day for baseball & it's just wonderful!! I'm not much of a basketball, football or soccer fan, but Seatte Mariner's husband & I live, breathe & sleep it. Every Opening Day, we have tickets & although, I'm sure that we will probably freeze our tookus' off today at the game, it will be so worth it!!

Steve Kelly, a writer for the Seattle Times Newspaper sums it up quite well.

"Opening day doesn't announce itself meteorologically. There isn't some drastic change in the air temperature that gets us out of houses and out to the ballgame. Our internal clocks just seem to know. Baseball fans have a sixth sense that tells them it's time to get going.

For a sports fan, this is the best time of year. College basketball is in the final leg of the great celebration of its sport. Brackets are filling up like reservations at Canlis.

The Masters is looming and the possibility of Tiger Woods winning the Grand Slam is as real as the azalea bushes around Amen Corner.

But opening day trumps all of them.
Opening day isn't just about today. It means something important in our lives is back and is going to be with us for the next seven months, every day, as dependable as the phases of the moon.

It is baseball, returned from its hibernation, a day that should be celebrated like a national holiday, the firing of the starter's pistol to begin the magical, marathon march to October."

Sorry this isn't an entry on Fiber(I'll post tomorrow on what I did this weekend). Today, it's all about Baseball!!

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Michelle said...

Ahhh - you see, if I wasn't so preoccupied with those darn birds, I would have seen this on your blog before today!!! Glad it was a great game!