Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A New Beginning

So I've been VERY bad about posting to my blog, but with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (to name a few) my blog has been severely neglected & I apologize for that.  I may not blog every week, but promise to be better than I have been!!

I wanted to share with you some new items that I've been creating recently - DOG COLLARS!

Who's to say that dogs can't be stylish? 

I'm discovering that a lot of my customers are naming their dogs after beer.  Please meet one of my satisfied customers, Guinness.

Taryn, my German Pinscher, is sporting a Dr Pepper collar (my most popular "soda" collars) I think Diet Coke could be in the running, since all of my other Diet Coke items sell quickly, but Diet Coke labels are scarce for me (as I don't know anyone that drinks Diet Coke - not even me) so I hold them for custom orders only at this moment.

The majority of my collars run 3/4" to 1" wide, (although I take custom orders for 1 1/2" wide) & the lengths run anywhere from 9" and on up. I have had a few requests for cat collars, but I always like to remind the customer that the smaller in width of the collar, the smaller the geography of the labeling (everyone seems to be ok with it so far) :)
(Actually, Matisse-my Bengal cat looks great in the 3/4". But then he also weighs 19 lbs & he wants you to know that it's ALL fur.)

Not only do I have the enjoyment of creating the collars, but I also have the enjoyment of consuming the product (it's amazing how you buys beers because the labels look really cool-you can't tell me that you've never done that before) :)  For those products that I either "just" can't drink (Pabst) or can't find bottled in stores locally, customers are more than happy to send me their own labels :) One customer was SO nice that she sent me extra Pabst Blue Ribbon labels, since apparently, it's "coming back" & she thought it would sell well in my shop :) 

So the next time you purchase that item with the really cool packaging, I hope you think of me and smile. :)

(Working on some future new posts....... another new item that I'm starting to carry in my Etsy shop - dog leashes!! And another post a "shout out" to Okie Crowe and Marshall Brewing Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.)

See you soon!!!