Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Love this photo, how can I recreate it in fiber??

This was taken last summer at Wallace Falls in Gold Bar, Washington & I just LOVE this photo. I have it on the wall at my desk & I look at it every day & think, I love this, how can I recreate this photo into something fiber? And every day, I draw a blank. Do I print it in color or b/w off of my deskjet printer then add stitching, embellishing, etc? Do I try to recreate by building up layers of fiber to create the trees & where the lines are of the tree trunks use stitching? I'm just stumped (no pun intended).

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hand Dyed Samples, Shibori Technique

I have to say these turned out a lot better than I had planned! All of these were done with some type of Shibori technique then parfait dyed. The top piece (my absolute favorite) I acutally twisted on the bias tightly & wrapped itself around it so it created like a little hair bun. The blue piece, I actually folded into quarters & then rolled it up into itself to create a ball. The third piece (green), I actually, laid it flat and picked it up from the center & folded it into 4 pie shaped pieces & then rolled it tightly. Each of the pieces were bound together with rubber bands so they'd stay tightly together. The 4th picture is a group of some other colors I tried with different shibori techniques. I have to say, I was pretty pleased with this study.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

15th Wedding Anniversary Trip

Daryl & I went out to Orcas Island, off the coast of Washington for our 15th Anniversary. It was absolutely wonderful. Since it was September, the weather wasn't too hot & there were not very many people at the resort, so it was nice and relaxing.

We stayed at the Rosario Resort When we arrived, they had surprised us by upgrading our room to the Roundhouse. This was absolutely fabulous!! It was a ROUND house that was set off to the side from part of the resort. (This resort is spreadout over 33 acres, which includes four restaurants, a marina, 3 pools - 2 of which (one indoor) that are heated to 89 degrees & a Spa. This roundhouse used to be the playhouse of the Moran family children (in the early 1900's) The mansion that the family built(Mr Moran was a shipbuilder), now houses the Spa, two of the restaurants, the check-in desk and the offices for the Rosario Resort .

It was wonderful to wake up in the morning & sit on our patio (that was entirely around our building). It was so nice to sit back & relax & take in all of the views: the bay, the mountains, the sailboats & the float plane what that would drop off or pick up passengers to go back to the mainland. Will we come back and visit? You betcha!! Daryl said he could easily retire here!

Taryn's Favorite Tomato Biscuits

I created & submitted this art postcard to Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine. Subscribers were invited to create & submit an art recipe card & in return, each person that submitted a recipe card would receive a different card back from another artist. Also, there was an opportunity to have your recipe card published in their next magazine or published on their website. I am excited to say my card appeared on their website (7th card down) as one of the top 10 Editor's picks!! (Click on the link below & it will take you to the site.)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Woven Squiggles, published!!

I created this art post card called Woven Squiggles for the Artcard Ideas 2007 contest. I was one of over 162 entries.

This piece was created by hand weaving 1/4" cut strips together. After the strips were woven I then embellished the surface with beading.

I am happy to say that it was one of the 52 that was chosen to be published for the Artcard Deck that will be available for sale to the public in October of 2007. I can actually say that I am now a published artist!!
Here is the website where you can view all of the wonderful cards for the contest: