Monday, August 25, 2008

This & that...................

I would first like to say I had a wonderful weekend of completions. I finished 3 pieces for swaps with other fiber artists, started dyeing scarves for my store (which I really hope to open soon), put the finishing touches on one journal & started working on creating 3 new journals. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than completing a piece!!

Remember my bamboo pc (previous post)? I'd like to share with you the beautiful pc's I received in return. We were to create a pc using anything bamboo.

This Bamboo Fusion Goddess is from Dotti. Her body is made from dyed bamboo batting. Isn't she wonderful?!!

As always, another fabulous pc from Fannie!! She hand dyed & painted bamboo yarn with silk paints & Neocolor II Watersoluble Wax Pastels & sandwiched silk roving between Angelina Fibers. And of course some wonderful thread painting. Check out her wonderful blog (I'm a HUGE fan)!!

Francoise sent me this wonderful pc all the way from Belgium!! The background is hand dyed bamboo fabric & the bamboo stalks are created from bamboo paper & then stitched with bamboo thread. What a GREAT idea!!

This pc was sent all the way from The Netherlands from Hetty (sorry could not locate a blog for her). What a beautiful piece!! She thread painted a bamboo cane, added some hand-spun bamboo yarn onto & attached them to this beautiful china silk. It will be stored in a plastic pc sleeve. It's so crisp & white, I don't want to put any "smoodges" on it!

All of these pc's are absolutely wonderful & I love how each of them are totally different from each other. Thanks for trading, ladies!!!!

I can now post the one I made for Fannie (she was my guinea pig for this experiment). I have always wanted to create a woven PC or ATC, but I always got hung up on how to finish the edges. I jumped in with both feet on this one & this is how it turned out. I think I'm pretty happy with it. (Thanks Fannie for sending me a photo of it, since I forgot to take one before I sent it out.)

I almost forgot!!! My next post will be my 100th post!!! And, next week is my birthday, so I am planning on celebrating that I NOT 40 years old YET & my 100th post on the same day by doing a giveaway!! (This will give me some time to hopefully create a couple of pieces to giveaway!!) So check back on 9/4 to enter. Hope to hear from you then!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bamboo PC finally finished!!

I'm not sure why I struggled so hard to create & complete a piece before. We were to create a bamboo pc for a swap in Surface Design. I have used hand dyed bamboo poplin in a lot of my work, so I'm not sure why this pc was such a struggle. But here they are......................

I have discovered that the flash just doesn't like to pick up the shiny Angelina fibers in these pieces which is really too bad, because I don't think these photos really do the pc's justice. The background is a hand dyed bamboo poplin (burnt orange), hand dyed cheesecloth layered over machine stitching & Angelia fibers & the triangles are from my tp tissue casting & metal "squiggles".

There is a little story behind these pc's. These are actually cut from a bigger quilt (Tequila Sunrise) that I was working on a couple of months ago, to enter into a show. I had the wall piece finished up until the quilting stage & that is where it all seemed to fall apart. I wasn't happy with how the quilting was going & I was not comfortable with the size I was working in. It was roughly 24" by 36" & I'm not used to working in bigger sizes anymore. I much more prefer working with sizes 11" by 17" & smaller. The show I was entering, had a size requirement of no smaller than 24" by 24". After that frustration, I decided it was best to put it away for awhile & come back to it at a later date in hopes that I could save it.......................... four pc's later & the possibilty of 2 smaller wall pieces from the original piece??

I had never cut into any of my pieces before to make them over into other pieces, so it was hard to make that first cut. But I have to say, I'm happy with how these turned out & looking forward to using the "left over" scraps for a couple of more "smaller" pieces.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

sorry for not posting for a litte while............

Sorry I haven't posted for a little while. My blog was one of those that Blogger thought was spam so they locked me out of posting & I had to submit a request asking them for a human review to see that I wasn't a spam blog.

After Blogger unlocked me, I had problems with Site Meter. Every time you went to my site, it gave an Internet Explorer Abort error & the front page of my blog was blank.

And now my DH is planning a party for this weekend with over 26 people coming from his work. I hope the weather stays good because I'm not sure where we could fit 20 adults & 6 children. Children? We don't have children, so we really don't have things to keep children entertained or a room where we can shut the door & let them watch movies. (Man I hope I make it through this.)

And that is the reason why no new art has been posted for awhile. We've been so busy planning this party & you know how you put off projects, then use the party as an excuse to try to get them finished? And, the house needs to remain somewhat clean & I can't create art & be clean at the same time, are you kidding me?!!

Sunday, I'll be recouping & working on a bamboo pc for a Surface Design swap. It's due next Friday & I haven't started it yet. I dye bamboo fabric all of the time, but I just seem at a loss for a pc idea. Hopefully, I'll come up with an idea soon!!

Update: I think I've come up with an idea...............I vowed to never do it again because it was so tedious, but I'm thinking thread painting. If I can transfer the idea from my brain (successfully) to the fabric, I think it should work out quite nicely!!