Friday, March 21, 2008

Beautiful work from Purple Missus

aka Lynda Monk................ Lynda & I traded PC's & I think I made out WAY better than she did. These are absolutely GORGEOUS!!
Every one of these have such wonderful "have to touch" surfaces. The textures are just wonderful. The first one reminds me of (forgive me, Lynda) cow hide, with the colors & when I run my fingers over it, that leathery feel. The next two have a very, shimmery, shiny feel to it. I love how the light plays across the surface of the organza. While admiring the orgazna, you then notice, "oh my, she's melted it in places" but then in those melted surfaces, she's opened it up to even more wonderful colors of foiling and painted Tyvek.
The last photo, I just LOVE the colors!! She machine stitched Tyvek over cotton velvet & then Xpandaprint was then applied. She then hit it with a heat gun & then applied household emulsion paint. If you go to her blog & find her Sunday, February 24th, 2008 post, she discusses in detail most of these photo above.
Lynda didn't stop there with her wonderful gifts. She also included some beautifully hand dyed cheesecloth & foil that I've been interested in trying ever since I saw her using it in her blog. If you click here & go down to her entry of January 5, 2008, you can see some of her beautiful foiling work. You can also visit on her site Fibre In-Form where you can purchase these foils & this site also has free downloadable tutorials on basic techniques for foiling on fabrics.
Thank you Lynda for such wonderful gifts, I cannot wait to try out my new foil!! (I will post my experiments here for you all to see.)

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Karen said...

Wow, very impressive. I have to admit that I love it but have no desire to try out this method so I guess I'll sit and drool instead :)