Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are You Over 21?

I've been wanting to create items from repurposed beer labels for so long, but I just haven't had the time. Well this week, I made the time :)

The first two pics are luggage tags made from repurposed beer labels from Flying Dog Brewery in Maryland (very good beer by the way!!) :) These tags were designed just a little bit different than how I ususally make my luggage tags. I usually leave the back of the tag blank, however, the beer labels from Flying Dog Brewery, had so many interesting graphics on the labels, I decided to add some of it to the back of the label. Something only the owner of the tag will know that's there (since the name card will normally be covering it up.)

I'm hoping to obtain some more Flying Dog Brewery labels very soon as I'm really looking forward to creating some mini wallets with them. The artistry on these labels themselves are just fabulous!!

(This might be my most favorite matching set, LOVE the blues!!) This luggage tag & mini wallet were made from Widmer's Drifter Pale Ale beer labels & of course, hand dyed bamboo for the interior.

This tag & wallet was made using repurposed Hoegaarden beer labels & you can find them here in my shop.

LOVE the colors in this luggage tag made from a repurposed Ninkasi Spring Ale label! I almost didn't add this one to my shop, but I decided, I have enough tags & maybe someone else would love this one as much as I do & would like to give it a new home :)

Should you wonder where I get my stock of all of these fabulous labels? I'm very fortunate that where we live in the Pacific NW, there are a vast amount of micro breweries not only in Washington, but also Oregon & California, all creating wonderful beers to be enjoyed!!

You'll have to check back often as I have plans for other items to be made from these labels :)