Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I have Hawaii on the brain since my husband & I will soon be spending 10 wonderful days in beautiful sunny Maui .We went last year for the first time & didn't stay as long & decided this time, we must stay longer :)

So with that, I thought I'd share a few items that's I've made using Hawaiian themed packaging.

I use a badge/ID holder like this to carry my bus pass that I use to get to & from work. My husband works for a company where they're required to wear badges at all times to allow them entrance through doors & gates of buildings. My nephew goes to a high school where they have to wear ID cards as well, so he's sporting one of my Mt Dew ID holders. The badge holders that I make have a clear front & back sleeve (in case you're one of those people that need to have different cards do different things.) .

These dog collars were created by using recycled beer labels from Kona Brewing Company & Primo Brewing & Malting Company. I offer many different size options & customizations in my shop. I carry 1/2" width collars for the cats & small dogs in your family (like you see on here on Matisse)

I offer the 3/4" width for the medium sized dogs like you see here on Taryn.

And the 1" width collars that you would see on Boxers, Huskies, German Shephards & my biggest customer yet, an English Mastiff. (I offer the option of the 1 1/2" width, as a custom order & to those custom orders with the "bigger" dogs, I offer the option of all metal components for an extra charge - pictured below).

These collars are all hand built by me, (I do not buy the collars premade & add the labels later). This allows me to customize the length of webbing that is needed for the dog's neck & gives the customer the option to add all metal components of the slide, clasp & always welded d-rings versus the plastic components that I carry normally in my shop. 

This wristlet key chain was created by using recycled labels from Kona Brewing Company Fire Rock Pale Ale beer labels.

For the person who likes to travel, I also create luggage tags-sorry no passport covers yet with Hawaiian packaging. (What a great way todistinguish your luggage at baggage claim.) These were made from recycled Kona Brewing Company Wailua beer labels & Kettle Brand Hawaiian flavor potato chips bags.

I try to offer every Hawaiian brewery that I have access to purchase their products from, unfortunattely Maui Brewery (love their beer, btw) offers their beers in cans only (BOO!) so until I can come up with an idea using cans (which I'm working on right now & will share once I get it all worked out) it will have to wait.

Until my next post, Mahalo & Mele Kalikimaka!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

For the Dog Who Has Everything

You've seen my collars, now check out the leashes :)

These leashes are 1" wide & are approximately 56" to 60" long & the clasps are nickel-free. (All of these can be found in my shop, with matching collars - except for the purple Jubelale leash, as it's been sold.)

The leashes below are 3/4" wide & approximately 58"-60" long & also have nickel-free clasps.

These leashes (with their matching collars) will be in my shop shortly, as they're all being photographed at the moment.

Hope you stop by again for my next post about Okie Crowe & Marshall Brewing!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Minor Change

A small shout out & big thank you to WinchesterLambourne for creating my new banner that you see at the top of my blog!!

It looks wonderful, thank you!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A New Beginning

So I've been VERY bad about posting to my blog, but with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (to name a few) my blog has been severely neglected & I apologize for that.  I may not blog every week, but promise to be better than I have been!!

I wanted to share with you some new items that I've been creating recently - DOG COLLARS!

Who's to say that dogs can't be stylish? 

I'm discovering that a lot of my customers are naming their dogs after beer.  Please meet one of my satisfied customers, Guinness.

Taryn, my German Pinscher, is sporting a Dr Pepper collar (my most popular "soda" collars) I think Diet Coke could be in the running, since all of my other Diet Coke items sell quickly, but Diet Coke labels are scarce for me (as I don't know anyone that drinks Diet Coke - not even me) so I hold them for custom orders only at this moment.

The majority of my collars run 3/4" to 1" wide, (although I take custom orders for 1 1/2" wide) & the lengths run anywhere from 9" and on up. I have had a few requests for cat collars, but I always like to remind the customer that the smaller in width of the collar, the smaller the geography of the labeling (everyone seems to be ok with it so far) :)
(Actually, Matisse-my Bengal cat looks great in the 3/4". But then he also weighs 19 lbs & he wants you to know that it's ALL fur.)

Not only do I have the enjoyment of creating the collars, but I also have the enjoyment of consuming the product (it's amazing how you buys beers because the labels look really cool-you can't tell me that you've never done that before) :)  For those products that I either "just" can't drink (Pabst) or can't find bottled in stores locally, customers are more than happy to send me their own labels :) One customer was SO nice that she sent me extra Pabst Blue Ribbon labels, since apparently, it's "coming back" & she thought it would sell well in my shop :) 

So the next time you purchase that item with the really cool packaging, I hope you think of me and smile. :)

(Working on some future new posts....... another new item that I'm starting to carry in my Etsy shop - dog leashes!! And another post a "shout out" to Okie Crowe and Marshall Brewing Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.)

See you soon!!!