Monday, August 19, 2013

Is Your Dog a Squigglechick Dog? :)

When I first started creating pet collars with recycled soda & beer labels, I never imagined HOW many people named their dogs & cats after sodas & especially beers.

I've had cats & dogs both named Sprite, Pepper (Dr.) & here's one that was a little different................Pepsi.  (Hey, if you love Pepsi, then why not right?) :)

My first dog collar customer, loved Twisted Tea & wanted to enter herself with her dogs into a "Get Your Pic on the Carton of Twisted Teas" Contest (she had collars made for her 11 dogs)

Over 350+ collars created & sold since then (it's SO hard to believe I've created & sold THAT many in under 2 years) I've been lucky to have some of my customers send me pics of their pets sporting their new collars, thank you!!
Please meet Henry & Stella & Murphy & Bailey & Brewster & Guinness & .............................. & all the rest of my Squigglechick Dogs  :)

And of course, I can't leave out my 3 children :) (Taryn, Matisse & Milana)
(our silver cat, Milana is a free spirit & prefers to go what we call "naked" & that's ok) :)

I LOVED sharing all of these photos & I apologize for any I might have missed!!  To all of my customers that I've created collars for, THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity of creating collars for you & I look forward to making & creating collars for more Squigglechick Dogs (& Cats!)


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Next Gen Wallets

Ever since I created this wallet (below), I wanted to create another wallet that was a bi-fold. One, that would allow you to store dollar bills flat in it's own separate sleeve, not folded in half like you had to with my mini wallets.  Don't get me wrong, these mini wallets are great for when you don't want to carry a big wallet out on a "night on the town".  They have 4 pockets (one clear for your ID) and then the rest can hold cards or folded cash.

I wanted to create a bi-fold where there were possibly more sleeves to hold cards & also carry bills that didn't have to be folded in half.  After 4 different attempts, this is what I came up with (& I'm very happy with it!)

It isn't much bigger than my mini wallets, however it is just a little thicker since inside you'll find 6 vinyl sleeves for credit cards or whatever you need to store, 2 of which are clear windows (one on each side) for you ID & whatever else you'd like seen and a section to hold dollar bills! (I love the slanted sleeves I created in these) :)
I only have 4 of these in my Etsy Shop at the moment, but I will be adding more! Here's a small peek at the other three, if you'd like to see more pics of these, you can visit my Etsy Shop.

I just LOVE the colors that Ninkasi Brewing uses in their beer labels!

You KNOW, I'm loving this green!! :)

I'm really excited about these new wallets & I hope my customers will be too!! Off to soak some more labels :)


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


No this isn't about the musical but a wonderful state & all of the fabulous breweries that are allowing me to use their beer labels in my work & the brick & mortars that carry that work :)

First, a HUGE shout out to Kelli at Okie Crowe (also of Oklahoma), without her, none of this would have happened, THANK YOU Kelli!

Kelli found me through Facebook (thank you, Facebook) contacted me & we developed a fabulous relationship & cross merchandised (in Oklahoma) my items made from recycled beer labels with her fabulous soaps, scrubs & dog treats that she creates from the spent grains of the local breweries in her area.
Below, you can see some of the Oklahoma Breweries that have graciously given me their labels to create items such as dog & cat collars, key chains & luggage tags.  

Thank you, Marshall Brewing Company for allowing me to use your labels & carrying my work in your brewery! I hope to some day sample your beer :)


Check out these wonderful labels from Choc Beer Company & Marshall Brewing Company in these key chains, luggage tags & dog collars.

Thank you, Mustang Brewery (& Kelli) for giving me the recent opportunity to work with your labels. They look fabulous on these dog collars, luggage tags & key chains!!

Anthem Brewing Company, isn't quite bottling yet, but once they do, are excited (me too) to work with me in creating items from their labels!
Now for all the wonderful brick & mortars that carry my work!!  You can find me at Dog Dish, Marshall Brewing Company, High Gravity Homebrewing & Wine Making, Owl & Drum, Made: The Indie Emporium Shop in the Deco & Pearl Districts, Studio 818 (all in Tulsa) & Homegrown Treasures in Claremore, OK. (And soon through Okie Crowe!)
I would like to express a HUGE thank you to all of these wonderful places that are now carrying my work and an even BIGGER thank you to Kelli of Okie Crowe, whom none of this would have been possible without her!! :) And please, when you get the chance stop over at Kelli's shop on Etsy & check out her yummy soaps!!!