Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring ATC's

Remember this?

This is what I ended up doing with it & I like how it turned out! I actually started over. Hand dyed neon green cotton base, then layering metallic eyelash yarn, black Misty Fuse, & finishing with the neon green eyelash yarn & touching it with an iron to fuse it all together. (You might have to click on the second picture to see the metallic eyelash yarn.) I love how the colors worked out!

A little different shade of green..................looking back upon different things that I've created, I guess I can say I find comfort in analagous colors. Again the base fabric, a hand dyed green that I didn't think was successful, but used in these ATC's, I think they turned out ok. Layered with machine stitching, hand dyed cheesecloth, lumiere rubber stamping & metallic spiral clips. (I think this is about as close to pastel as I will probably ever get & still like it.)

1 comment:

Karen said...

These turned out really nice Tracy. If it was me I'd be quite pleased to be getting one :)