Monday, October 1, 2007

Blue Theme Inchies

This was for a swap I did for my Surface Design Group. We were suppposed to create 5-1.5" by 1.5" inchies in a blue theme.

The first 2 pictures are an in progress of one of the inchies that I made. The metallic thread I had to put in the bobbin (sewing machine needle not big enough) and sew on the fabric face down. Was a little difficult to see how I was progressing since every thing I needed to see was face down, so I had to stop from time to time and lift back the fabric to see if I had stitched enough for my liking.

The second picture, I layered a navy organza that I had rubber stamped. (Thought that was a nice piece there, which gave me ideas for some future work). I then satin stitched around the edges and added a spiral clip (bottom picture).

This next picture, I actually used toilet paper tissue and did a casting from one of my rubber stamps. If you want to learn how, please check out a fellow artist friend's of mine blog . Michelle explains a step by step process, which is very easy to learn. Also, with this inchie, I layered fabric then machine stitching and then added dyed cheesecloth.

This inchie is actually all made from anodized aluminum (I anodized & dyed the squiggles myself).

This last picture is of all 5 of them finished. Phew!!! I'm not sure I'd do these again. Not sure if it's the size, but I really struggled creating these. Not all was lost though, since it gave me quite a few ideas for some bigger pieces.

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