Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Love this photo, how can I recreate it in fiber??

This was taken last summer at Wallace Falls in Gold Bar, Washington & I just LOVE this photo. I have it on the wall at my desk & I look at it every day & think, I love this, how can I recreate this photo into something fiber? And every day, I draw a blank. Do I print it in color or b/w off of my deskjet printer then add stitching, embellishing, etc? Do I try to recreate by building up layers of fiber to create the trees & where the lines are of the tree trunks use stitching? I'm just stumped (no pun intended).


Michelle said...

This really is a terrific photo, Tracy! I can see why it inspires you!

Why not use fibers, or torn/frayed edge pieces for the leaves, and strong black long triangle pieces for the trunks? Sort of abstract, sort of not. Or just try different sketches to simplify the composition until you get something you like. You could do a series and try different things - including photo transfer! Why not?!

Clevelandgurlie said...

Hi Tracy!
This is a great photo. If it were me, I would cut the tree trunks out of a very dark fabric and fuse down with fusible web. Then I would use different colors of green threads and free motion embroider the pine needles/leaves, etc.

TracyB said...

Great ideas from both of you, thanks!!