Friday, October 5, 2007

Too Hip to Be Square

This was one of my very first attempts at making a small wall quilt & I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. It's roughly 11" by 13". I used hand dyed flannel & dyed cheesecloth. The flannel gives off an appearance of a soft muted "fuzziness" which to me, makes me want to run my hands over it.

And what did I learn from this piece? PATIENCE!! I paper pieced this & since it had hard vertical & horizontal lines, I was constantly tearing out seams & re-sewing them back together, trying to keep those lines straight!!

(This piece was in a show, Doing Small Things, sponsored by the Fiber Arts Connection of Southern California, that traveled around the US for the last half of last year & the first part of this year.)


Clevelandgurlie said...

First off - I LOVE the name of your blog - Creative Side after 5! Very cute!
This is a wonderful first attempt at a wall hanging. Did you dye the fabrics yourself? Very eyecatching and visually appealing. I'll be back to see what you're up to.

marion said...

Love the yellow, it sings!

TracyB said...

Thank you!!

Yes I did hand dye the un-bleached flannel with MX & FR-H dyes and I have to tell you, the flannel took the dyes wonderfully!!

Was a little nervous about adding the yellow, but I think it turned out ok.