Thursday, October 4, 2007

Toilet Tissue Paper Study

I had so much fun with these! I tried all different types of techniques. I learned of this from the Surface Design group that I belong to (GREAT group of ladies!!) The little ones in the first picture were done on about a 1" by 1" rubber stamp. The second picture, that stamp was about 3.5" by 3.5". In short, I used toilet paper a little bit bigger than the stamp and created layers of wet toilet paper with glue and water (to help seal the layers together) on top of each other and created these wonderful little paper casts.

With these two, I used dyed threads that came from some bamboo fabric that I had dyed earlier. The top squiggle, I laid the thread on the rubber stamp first then a layer of tp & then between each layer I added more dyed threads, the moistness from the toilet paper made the threads bleed which I found very interesting. The bottom squiggle I placed the toilet paper first on the rubber stamp followed by layers of thread & then more toilet paper. I liked this since it gave off a muted appearance of the thread.

I LOVE these!! I created these by starting with a layer of moist toilet paper then I added drops of turquoise & navy MX dye, followed by more layers of wet gluey (is that a word) toilet paper & dyes. The moistness of the toilet paper made the dyes spread, which I thought turned out wonderfully!!

With these 3 pictures I tried adding seed beads & sequins. The first picture (with the white squiggle) the beads remind me of a dalmation & it's spots. I placed the beads on the rubber stamp first then added the toilet paper so the beads would remain on the surface. I think it worked better with the dyed squiggle in that picture. In the second picture I tried burying the beads under the first layer of toilet paper & in the third picture, I placed sequins on the surface of one squiggle & on the other, under the first layer of toilet paper (which I think kind of gave it a freckled look) To keep the beads & sequins from falling off of the pieces, I carefully painted the surface with Mod Podge to seal them in.

I like how the bottom squiggle turned out. I did this by not placing as much dye on the toilet paper so it wouldn't bleed as much.

Here's is one of the toilet paper tissue casts that I used in an inchie I did for a Surface Design swap.

If you would like to learn how to do this, please check out a fellow artist friend's of mine blog. Michelle explains a step by step process which is very easy to learn.


Michelle said...

Stunning, Tracy! love it, love it, love it! Thanks for taking the technique "out of the box" - now I've got to play some more, too!!

TracyB said...

Hi Michelle, I see that we're in the tissue stamping just the stamps Surface Design swap together. Am excited to see what you send out!!

Clevelandgurlie said...

Oooh Tracy - these are great! I participated in the tissue paper study and mine didn't come out as wonderful as this. Very nice.