Thursday, May 8, 2008

Orange anyone?

When I first started dyeing, many years ago, I would have never considered dyeing fabric orange but in the last year or so, I've been really taken to it. This is for a DyeHard-RunOff swap that's due at the end of this month. Am anxious to see what other yellow & red combinations the ladies use to achieve orange.

I used ProChem's Golden Yellow & Turkish Red. Was a little concerned when I started since the golden yellow was SO orange, but I think the color run turned out nicely!

Below is the parfait I did with the leftover dyes & I LOVE it!!!!


Vicky said...

I LOVE the parfait!!

Karen said...

I was just going to say the same thing as Vicky, love the parfait.

Purple Missus said...

I love this too, it looks like its on fire - fabulous.