Monday, May 12, 2008


My husband called me at work to mention that one of his co-workers (the one that brought me back the beautiful textiles from Sri Lanka) wanted to know if we'd be interesting in a week long sailing trip close to Croatia & then a week, or more if we wanted, around Italy & Greece. The trip wouldn't be until next May, since we'd have a little bit of planning to do & $$$ to save for the trip. But I have to wait an ENTIRE year for this????

So I'm totally excited (we've never ventured outside of the US, except for a week trip in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico). And oh, husband says, if we do this Croatian trip next May, my trip to Hawaii for my 40th birthday next year is out. Let's see........Greece & Italy or Hawaii............hmmmmmmm.

So here is where I need anyone familiar with these areas, help. From websites, it sounds like Croatia is totally the place to vacation. Not sure of what to expect (weather, people, things to see & do, what about shopping for textiles & other art & what about communicating with others, is English spoken or am I going to need to carry around a little translation book??)
Help......................... ( I wonder if they make a book, Croatia for Dummies?)

Oh, & have I told you how EXCITED I am?!!


Karen said...

Good luck with the saving for Croatia. I've been trying to save for Australia but it's been hard going.

Fannie said...

How exciting, Tracy! A trip to Croatia, Italy and Greece sounds wonderful. All the history and art you'll be able to see!

If you decide to go to Hawaii, I may be able to help you some. I was born and raised on the Big Island and can direct you to local hot spots, including fabric stores. ;-D