Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Beautiful Thread Painting

Received two more thread painting pieces over the weekend. The colors are just gorgeous & the thread painting is just wonderful!

"Live Your Art" is by Michelle & the beautiful flower is by Fannie.

I also wanted to add a wonderful pc I received from Elizabeth from a one on one trade that we did (remember the Green Apple 'Teeni pc). She incorporates hand dyed quilt batting into some of work (which you can see in the leaf like shape in the pc below). Who says quilt batting should always be hidden?

Thanks ladies for such wonderful trades!!

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Fannie said...

I appreciated trading with you Tracy! Your postcard will be framed and will hang in my office. When I feel like I'm buried in projects and work, and feel overwhelmed, I just glance at your card and I see the light through the trees. ;-D Thank you so much!