Friday, May 30, 2008

I've been Tagged!!

My newly found Fiber friend, Fannie tagged me. (Make sure you check out her blog, she's doing some wonderful work!!)

Here are the rules:

  • Link back to the person who tagged you

  • Post the rules on your blog for the friends you chose so they know what they're to do

  • Share 6 unimportant things about yourself

  • Tag 6 of your blogging friends

(playing is voluntary)

6 unimportant things, let's see:

  1. Unlike Fannie, I'm not a chocolate lover. I'm more of a salty potato chip person. Don't get me wrong a Whatchamacallit candy bar every now & then is ok, but not needed.

  2. I grew up in a very small town of 600 with a high school graduating class of 16 (8 girls & 8 boys).

  3. I'm a complete neat freak at my day job & my desk is always clean & organized, unfortunately, I never seem to bring that habit home with me. (I keep a pair of scissors under the couch, because I know when I need them, I'll know where they're at........ please don't ask me the logic in that because I can't answer............but I can always hand you a pair of scissors in my house if you need a pair.)

  4. (See second part of number 3, I know I'm a weirdo, my husband constantly reminds me!!)

  5. My favorite food, beef hotdogs. Wonder if it had anything to do with my mother craving them when she was pregnant with me??

  6. Actually, I can't think of anything else UNIMPORTANT, but I can tell you something VERY IMPORTANT.............since I have started my blog last year, I've met some wonderful artists, made some fabulous friends & acquired some beautiful art through private trades along the way!!

Now who to tag:

  1. Michelle, my "bestus"fiber email friend that I met thru a swap & have been close with ever since

  2. Vicky, one of my run_off friends

  3. Karen, another run_off friend

  4. Marion, an international artist that I've been lucky to aquire some of her beautiful work!

  5. Dijanne, another international artist that does WONDERFUL work!!

  6. Elizabeth, whom I just met as she was leaving one of the groups that we both belonged too. One of her pieces, "Leaves for James" can be seen in the newest Quilting Arts Magazine.

Again, playing is voluntary & it's a great opportunity for those who read this, to check out these ladies wonderful sites to see the fabulous work they're creating!!

1 comment:

Fannie said...

So glad to learn more about you, Tracy. Thanks for playing.

Okay, so you don't like chocolate as much as I do, but the combination of salt and sweet makes food more enjoyable, and that may apply to friendships as well. :-D