Monday, December 3, 2007


First of all I apologize for the color in the some of these photos. As some of you may know, with velvet, how light hits & bounces off the fabric is what gives it its nice "shiny" appearance. Velvet does not like to photograph very well but I think I got as close as I could to the true colors.

I've been hand dyeing some scarves lately (they make really nice Christmas presents). The dusty rose one above was my first attempt at making beaded fringe. (I'm not sure I'll do that again.)

The velvet scarf below, turned out a beautiful vibrant red. Unfortunately, the flash didn't pick up the rubber stamped star bursts that I stamped in white.

This velvet scarf, below, was hand dyed a really nice purple. I then rubber stamped it & did some beading & added sequins. (I like how the fringe turned out a lighter tone from the scarf).

This last scarf is made from silk. I rubber stamped it & added beads and sequins as well. I also dyed two other silk scarves over the weekend that turned out the MOST beautiful brown & burgundy (yes I finally achieved a nice brown). Sorry they're not pictured here, but I haven't had a chance to do anything else to them but dye them.

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Michelle said...

Gorgeous! The purple one is my favorite :o) - Love them!!!