Sunday, December 30, 2007

Metals ATC

I joined a new group, Fiber ATC & the newest swap is to incorporate metal somehow into an ATC. I chose to use blue & white metal spiral clips & also used a light blue metallic thread, which is hard to see in this photo above. (I've included some closeup photos below.)

In these photos, I hope that you can see a better picture of the many layers created. The base material was a blue batik fabric. I added stitching with light blue metallic thread. This was then layered with a rubber stamped navy organza. (I really like how the black misty fuse makes the iridescence in the navy organza shimmer.)

The organza was then machine stitched haphazardly to create more depth with navy thread. (I think the third photo shows the zig zag stitching the best) I then followed up with more rubber stamping and finished the piece by adding the painted metal swirl clips.

I have plans to send off 2 sets of 5 Metal ATC's for the swap. Once I get the other set finished I will post these as well here.

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Michelle said...

These are great - love those spiral clips! I echo your wishes for 2008, every last one! M.