Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Traditional Quilt Block with a Modern Twist

I created these 6"x6" blocks for a swap in Surface Design. We were to create a traditional quilt block & add a modern twist. The name of this block is called "Fair & Square". I rubber stamped with Lumiere paint & then layered dyed cheesecloth over the rectangular blocks & the center square block. The solid "red-salmony" areas (the triangles & the 4 corner squares) I heavily stitched the fabric to give it some texture. Unfortunately, it's a little difficult to see what I did in the blocks. I then finished off the pieces by adding some hand dyed toilet tissue stamps to help give it that modern twist.

I handled the backs a little different on each piece (to help hide the quilting). I don't mind quilting, but I think it's the one thing I like least when putting a piece together. I love the designing, dyeing and sewing the piece together but then comes the part, "you mean I have to quilt it too?" Seems like quilting is always an afterthought & I need to start incorporating that into the idea when I first start a piece.

With the salmony piece, I carried the Lumiere paint rubber stamping onto the back of the piece & then layered the hand dyed cheesecloth. The neon green piece, I just added the dyed cheesecloth & the purple piece (which I didn't enclose a photo of the back), I was happy with how the stitches turned out & since the backing had a little bit of the shibori tie & dye on it, I left the purple backing alone.

I'm really surprised that I drug my feet so much when making these, because I have to say, I really liked how they turned out.

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clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Tracy! I'm doing the quilt block with a twist too, but must not be in your group (darn it!) - these are really cool! I've posted mine under WIP on my blog - they are square in a square blocks. Have two more in the works on my design table. They gotta go out by the 15th - better hurry!