Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gift for a friend

I think it's safe to post this now. I made this for a friend of mine for Christmas & I think it's she's probably opened this by now. This piece without the mat & frame is approximately 8" x 10". Unfortunately, I didn't measure it with the frame before I sent it off, but I think it's approximately 11" by 14".

This fabric started off as a batik yellow. To give it some depth, I then added layers of stitching in multiple colors. It was then rubber stamped with Lumiere paint. With Misty Fuse, I then fused hand-dyed cheesecloth to the base fabric. (I bought 67 yards of cheesecloth from the RagLady, so I have to find many ways to use it in my work & prove my husband wrong that I really DID need that much). Before I matted the piece, I then adhered painted metal swirl clips & toilet tissue casts of swirls that I had dyed & painted. (below is a closeup picture)


Michelle said...

This is a stunning piece of art - your friend will be thrilled!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

is this behind glass or glass less?

TracyB said...

This is behind glass, however to photograph it and not have any glare from the flash, I removed the glass for the photo.