Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Who says Engineers can't be Artists?

My husband, the engineer created these wooden pendants. This photo does NOT do them justice!! They're absolutely gorgeous (if I do say so myself). They're about the size of the pad of your thumb. The one of the left is made from ebony, quilted maple and African bloodwood. The center piece is quilted maple and lacewood. The third is from African bloodwood, quilted maple & a rosewood. Wished you could feel these. With the natural oils in some of these woods and the polish that was added to protect the pieces, they're SO smooth.

The pieces below were a joint effort of Daryl's & mine. One day when he was creating some wooden boxes, I mentioned how cool it wood be to make a polka box from wood. Rolling his eyes and shaking his head (I'm sure there are a few of you out there that has a husband that does this when you mention some crazy idea) he says, if you want a polka dot box, I'll make the box for you but you're doing the polka dots. I think they turned out pretty well!!

(yeah, the triangle shaped box was my idea & I added little wooden polka dots for the feet to raise the box up just a little from the ground)

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Jacq said...

Your husband does beautiful work.