Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hanging Doodads

I really didn't want to call these ornaments. When I think of ornaments, I think of items to hang on a Christmas tree & these are meant to hang around all year long. I had a lot of fun making these!!

They're each from hand-dyed bamboo & cheesecloth. Some were flower stitched & others were rubber stamped with lumiere paint & other fabric inks. Some I chose to bead & others, I left the surface as is.

The fabric squares are each approximately 3" x 3". Some are heavily stuffed as others are only lightly. What is kind of funny is what I stuffed them with. Recently I had purchased some bamboo fleece from Dharma Trading. When I dried it in the dryer, it filled the lint trap with this beautiful, very soft bamboo lint. I hated the thought of throwing it away, so I used it to stuff these little pillows.

I was inspired to create these from a past swap I did with FAT. We were to create small beaded prayer pillows & from this post, you can see what I did.

If asked which one from above do I like best, I'm not sure I could pick one. They each have different qualities that I like. The green one, I really like the overall color. I just discovered this color over the past 3 months & I've really grown to love it. The blue one, I have always worked in deep blues so this piece is just a nice comfortable piece for me. The orange "salmony" one I have to probably say is my least favorite. Every time I try to create a piece in this color, I struggle. I seem to have a hard time envisioning how this salmon color is going to turn out in the end. (I actually scrapped this piece when I first started working on it because I didn't think the colors I used were going to work.) I gave it another chance & this is how it turned out. I think it turned out ok?

The last 2 pieces are the front & back of one piece. I've never really worked with black as a focal color, so this is a first for me. I was really happy with how the gray cheesecloth & the iridescent lumiere paint worked on the black fabric.


Michelle said...

Love these! They're wonderful!!!

Vicky said...

Tracy I love these too. I would love to see a sample of the flower stitch up close. Would it be possible to send me a close up photo of them? Vicky from runoff

corryna said...

I love your work. The use of one colour in different grades is just great! We call it ton-sur-ton. Have you ever heard of this?