Monday, June 30, 2008

Haven't blogged in awhile..........

.............& I apologize! Seems like life tends to get in the way every once in awhile :)

My DH & I took a 4 day trip, just to get away. It was relaxing, however, no art was created at this time (sounds like a disclaimer). It was relaxing, but I was itching to get back to my work. On our trip, we went to a military cemetary & we saw this beautiful memorial to all of the military branches. This one was my favorites (reminded me of my uncle, who was in the navy, that I lost to cancer about 4.5 years ago).

I'm sure anyone living in the US, has heard about the terrible flooding in the Midwest. Both sides of our family live in Iowa (opposite sides of the state) & luckily they didn't suffer any damage to homes, etc. My in-laws live in Davenport, which the Mississippi River, runs right next too. This river tends to flood parts of Davenport about every other year & this year was no different. My mother in-law sent me these photos below. They do a great job at reflecting the havoc the river caused.

In the first photo, the building closest to you, is called the Levve Inn. When my dh & I lived there, you could walk up to the window & order fast food. It's been flooded so many times, I'm not sure if it's even being used anymore. What's interesting is on the outside walls of the building, they have markers of past floods, I don't think this one was as tall as the '93 flood, but it was close.

To give you an idea of how far the water is out of it's banks, see the lamps posts on the far left of the first photo, there's a side walk to the left of those, then a metal railing that you then look over and down to see the river. In the second photo, see the street lights running through the center of the photo? That's River Drive (a street). In between the 2 metal fences are train tracks & to the right of that is parking for one of the river boat casino's, which isn't open right now.

I LOVE this last photo with the pedestrian crossing sign (someone should paint waders on the guy).

I promise to post some of the pieces that I've been working on either tomorrow or the next. Would have had one for you today, but, one of the journals I was working on, needed 2 separate fronts & backs & I miscalculated on the size & didn't make it big enough, so had to start all over & since I'm making it from dyed paper towels, there are a few drying steps before the finished piece.


Fannie said...

Glad to hear you had time to relax. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Karen said...

All I can say is WOW!