Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Burgundy Part 2

(This is how I store my dye swatches with their recipes, so if I ever want to create the color again, I can. I keep these all in one binder & if you're wondering, you can find these clear sheets when looking for coin protectors.)

I think I got a lot closer this time, I see a few there that might actually work. Hopefully my friend will think so too.

Lynda asked me in my last post what my plans are for those dyed pieces that didn't make the burgundy cut...................I'm really not sure yet. Possibly some journal covers or maybe a nice small 8" by 10" quilted piece................I really haven't worked much in those colors lately. I'm one of those after I've dyed something & I really like the color, I need to live with it for just a little while before I cut into it.

Oh, if you're wondering what colors I used? I used 3tsp Turkish Red & 4 tsp of Dharma's Better Black to 1 c of chem water with each & then did an 8 step run. You might have also noticed (if you click on the photo) I like to dye different types of fabric to see how the dye takes to it. With this run, I tried P&B Muslin, Bamboo Poplin & Tencel.

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Fannie said...

Wow, a wonderful post with good information. Thanks for sharing, Tracy!