Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trying to find burgundy & not very successful

Before I discuss, my failure in making burgundy, I wanted to show you this beautiful paper towel pendant I received from Debra N in one of our FAT trades. I just LOVE it!!(sorry she doesn't have a blog).

And now my woes of trying to find burgundy. Maybe I've found it, but I don't think so. When a friend of mine asked me to make her something in burgundy, I thought, "how do I get that color?" "What do you mix together to get it?" I was completely dumbfounded (& apparently still am).

Here are some different attempts. The colors are kind of nice but not the burgundy I'm looking for. I did a color run between Turkish Red & Turquoise.

The above photos turned out a really nice brick red. "How about doing a brick red piece instead of burgundy? No? Ok, how about the photo below? I know it's kind of weird colors, but I really like how the parfait turned out. I know, it's not burgundy."

The first two photos below, I think are too purple(or am I just imagining it)? I do like those colors, though. The last of the three looks a little muddy.

Ok, I know the last two are too blue, but I just LOVE them!! I like how the little specks of turquiose in the first photo "pop" through the darker colors. Is it possible that I'm just starting off mixing the wrong colors?

After I did this run, I decided to try again with Turkish Red & Dharma's Better Black (which tends to lean toward a deep purple). I think those might have turned out a little closer to what my friend was looking for. I'll try to get them photographed & posted here within the next couple of days.

Luckily, my friend told me to take my time in making something for her, since she was aware of my other "art obligations" & wasn't in a great hurry. (phew!!)


Purple Missus said...

OK so you haven't got the colour you are after yet BUT the ones you do have are wonderful, especially the blue ones at the end. Any plans on what to do with any of these pieces?

Karen said...

I tried to make a burgundy to match some fabric in a quilt top I had finished. I wanted to dye the backing for the quilt. It was harder than I thought to do and I never did end up with anything that I thought matched. I finally just said to heck with it and dyed up the backing with various colours. I did this with the snow dye method in the tub.

I agree with purple missus, you got some very lovely fabric while you were experimenting.

Fannie said...

Do you teach dyeing, Tracy? You do great work. Thanks for all the work you do with your posts. I know uploading photos take time. I appreciate seeing them. Thanks for teaching us.