Monday, June 9, 2008

Journals part 2

Here is the journal in my last post, completely finished!! I added this wonderful art deco dragon fly button (I love dragonflies) & wrapped more of the turquoise eyelash yarn that I used on the journal around it. Now to keep it away from Matisse my cat who thinks anything that has strings is his to play with.

This litte journal (approx. 5 1/2" by 6 1/4"), I hand dyed velvet for the exterior & P&B muslin for the interior. Unfortunately, you cannot see the colors very well in the photo above, but I dyed it a rich purple & hunter green. I have to say when I turned the journal on edge, it made me think, hmmmm this would make a cute little handbag!!

With the interior, I added a pocket for a pencil. I also hand punched dragonflies on each of the signatures card stock & glued one of the punches (not sure how long it will stay) on the right side of the journal interior. With the left interior side, I hand punched a dragonfly out of heavy card stock & used that as a stencil & painted with lumiere paint. (It didn't turn out as good as I had hoped).
Overall, I was very happy with this one, well actually both of them, but the velvet one is a nice small size that you could drop into a handbag & carry it with you all over & not have to worry about it not taking up much room.
This week, in Sue's class, we'll be making a journal with binder rings so we can add & remove pages & I already have plans for what that journal is going to hold!! (I'll post it when it's finished!!)


Vicki W said...

Great journals! I love the velvet one - it's so luxurious and you are right, it would make a great handbag!

Purple Missus said...

These look wonderful. Love the insides with the dragonflies. Very beautiful and original.