Thursday, February 28, 2008

Matisse turns 1 year old today!!

Taryn, our German Pinscher, is so excited that today, Matisse, our 15lb Bengal boy has turned one year old. I told Taryn, it's not very lady like of her to pose this way, but she said she can't help it, it's one of her most favorites positions to lay in.

And here is Matisse in one of his favorite positions that he likes while he's watching TV (wonder where he learned that one from). We just love him!!! He's so full of energy & never seems to tire out. He is a little sassy though. After he's been scolded for doing something that he shouldn't have, he'll go into the other room where no one can seem him & he'll sass (meow non-stop)!! But once you come in to see what his problem is, he's all quiet & has that look of, "what it wasn't me." There is never a dull moment with that boy!!! Happy Birthday, Matisse!!

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