Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Ok, so I'm really not a heart person, but if you look closely, they have my squiggles in them!! (I like to call them squiggles instead of swirls. For being such a fun design, to call them swirls, just doesn't really seem to do them justice, but when you call them squiggles, it gives them character--ok I know that sounds silly.)

I made these for my co-workers for Valentine's Day. Should I tell them they were made from toilet tissue paper, rubber stamp & MX dyes or should I let them think it was made from some beautiful hand made paper that I came across in this tucked away little shop I just happened to run across?? I'm thinking tell them it's tp & let them be amazed that you can actually do something artistic with toilet paper.


Karen said...

Very nice Tracy, are the squiggles the pieces of metal that you have pictured in the post on top of this one? I would think your co-workers would just be thrilled that you gave them some remembrance regardless of what is was made of, I know I would.


Jill Smith said...

Hi Tracy, YOU HAVE WON one of my canvasses can you get in touch with your address so l can send you it,