Monday, July 6, 2009

My brain is in a funk.............

Ever since we got back from holiday in Rome & Croatia, my non-creative brain has been in a funk! One day, I was determined to try to attempt working in my studio & I ended up organizing & cleaning it instead (which was actually needed).

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon working on a single quilt block & didn't get ANYWHERE!! Maybe I'm trying to hard, maybe I'm not trying hard enough? But I'm finding this frustrating & a little depressing!!

I did, however manage to create a journal using Evolon & submitted it to hopefully be published in Marion Barnett's new book. Sorry no pics to share (yet), it was one of those things where my deadline was tight & the last 3 days before deadline, I put MANY hours into it, so by the time it was completed, I was tired of looking at it AND it was finished the night before the morning it was to be sent out, so I didn't have time to photograph. I also wasn't sure if my photography work would be able to pick up the play of light of the Evolon & Golden Acrylics & since Marion is having everything professionally photographed, I wasn't too worried. Sounds like my biggest worry should be getting my journal back. Marion says she's love it so much, she doesn't want to part with it :)

If anyone is interested, I've been slowly adding pics of our trip here to our Flickr account. We took over 1100 pictures & as you can see, I've only added about 1/5 of the photos to our site. All the deleting of the bad photos & putting names to the good ones & only doing about a handful each day, it's taking a little bit of time. Feel free to check back on the site, since I'm constantly adding new photos.

(Hopefully by next week, I'll have some art to post!!)


Scrappy Cat said...

Sorry to hear you're in a funk - hope it passes for you soon. I'm really enjoying the Textured Surfaces class, although I haven't worked on it at all in a week or more. I finally figured out how to get the color on my pieces though - I just needed to use MORE paint!

And if you'll stop by my blog, you'll see that I've given you an award.

Dotti said...

I know what it's like to be in a funk...time will pass and you will pass on to more creative goals. Meanwhile, what is Evolon? While checking out the blogs I follow, you are the second person to mention it.

Fannie said...

Hi, T. A funk . . . maybe still winding down from your exciting trip??? Love all your creations.