Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chips Anyone?

While we were on holiday in Croatia, we discovered these yummy potato chips that we think were seasoned with red bell peppers. Since everything was in Croatian there was no chance at figuring out the ingredients & since there were pictures of red bell peppers on the bags, we assumed that's what they were seasoned with. These were a wonderful snack while on our week long sail (we went through 4 big bags of these.)

The colors caught my eye right away (luckily) which made me think, "I wonder what I can do with these to make myself a cool souvenir from this trip?" (Of course my DH thought I was a nut for flying home with trash in my suitcase), but look how they turned out & he seemed to think that maybe it was a good idea that I brought them home after all :)

© 2009 Tracy Borders

© 2009 Tracy Borders

Finished, they are each 6" by 6". I used Peltex between the chip bag layer & the hand dyed cotton backing fabric to give the blocks more stability. I just love that I was able to take something that would have normally been tossed in the trash & make a wonderful souvenir from it!!

I still have two unused chip bags & am thinking of maybe designing a little clutch purse lined with hand dyed bamboo fabric? I'm a little concerned though about whether the chip bag "material" would be able to stand up to regular wear & tear. Can it be sealed with a polymer medium or will it just flake off? (Am going to have to consult with a friend of mine that uses the medium in a lot of her work & see what she says.) :)



What a great idea for a souvenir Tracy, something very unique x


Karen said...

What a clever girl you are and a recycler as well :)

Fannie said...

Clever, T! Thanks for sharing. You must have a lot of memories from your trip.

Jacq said...

I love, love your chip bag art. I'm always bring crazy things like that home from trips.

Kath said...

I love Dorito's...what a fab excuse to eat LOADS! Hey I just posted about the ATC I made you, so NO peeking! LOL Kath in England

MargaretR said...

Great idea Tracy and a lovely souvenir.

Thelma said...

What an awesome idea Tracy! Love your idea,,it turned out great.