Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No art today to share, however...............

Since I don't have any new art to share today (it's all in progress, either sitting in dye baths or drying after being dyed) I'd thought I'd share with you a couple of purchases I made while in Italy :)

Some of you are aware that I love my green Chucks (Converse sneakers) & that I took them to Italy with me. My motto, "I can never have enough funky (but comfortable) shoes." So, while in Rome, I came across these & HAD to have them. I refer to both pairs as my Italian Pumas :)

While I was admiring my new green shoes, my loving DH, who always says that I have way too many pairs of shoes as it is, locates the shoes below for me. (He always tells me that I have too many, but he's really good at supporting my habit & luckily has GREAT taste. :)

And, can I tell you, that my green is SO popular in Rome right now, it's unbelievable!! Swimsuits, underwear, shoes, socks, handbags, etc. It's all I could do to contain myself. I did, however, cave & purchase an Italian leather handbag dyed green, of course!! :)

Hopefully by next post (if all goes right) everything that's in progress now, I'll be able to soon share with you!!!


Jacq said...

Your shoes are wonderful. I love to go shoe shopping in Europe. I'm feeling the need for another trip, I need some new Birkies.

Karen said...

I have to admit I love the sandels better than the sneakers but the sneakers have spunk.