Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ATC for Trade, ACEO for my Shop

Kath Loden (another new friend from the UK, yeah!) read my post before this one & through our conversations agreed upon an ATC swap.

The first card below, is the one I'm sending her (hope she likes it.)

© 2009 Tracy Borders
It's made from hand dyed bamboo poplin, black Misty Fuse & Turquoise Eyelash Yarn (LOVE those two colors together). This is so hard to see in the photo, but I then free motion quilted the card & added some Treasure Gold wax on the raised surfaces & added a few sequins with seed beads for embellishments.
The ACEO below, is in my Etsy shop.

© 2009 Tracy Borders

This ACEO was created in the same manner as the card above, except more stitching & less eyelash yarn.

I'll post Kath's ATC here when it arrives. It was asked in my last post what I sent Anne for the ATC swap......... I created an ATC like the card in my shop, which you can see here.


jgr said...

The ATC is beautiful I know she'll love it!

Pat said...

I love the color combination too. Beautiful!