Friday, February 20, 2009

Visiting Laura Bee Designs

I had to pick up a handbag that I had Laura Bee Designs custom make for me over the weekend & Adriana wanted to go too. This is my second custom made bag from Laura & I love it as much as the first one she made for me. It is a very cool store! There are design tables & all the materials needed to create your very own unique handbag.

Here's the first handbag she made for me. I must have done something right since I see now that they offer that exact bag on their website. Laura has also made me a mini wallet, wristlet & what's called a Wendy wallet, all to match this handbag. (A girl's gotta accessorize!!)

I LOVE this bag, it's huge inside, it can hold a water bottle, my wallet, keys & cell phone & still have plenty room for other things, the problem is that when I wear my winter jacket it doesn't match (I know, what a terrible thing) but it really is, since my winter jacket is an olive green. So how do you fix that? I know, have Laura create me another handbag. She has visited my blog & knew that I love green & we came up with this bag below & as an added bonus, check out the interior color she did for me. You can only see it when you unzip the bag :)

So after the business part was done, Adriana was off to check out the shop.

I need a handbag this big.

Possibly something in red?

This is a nice color.

Look at all the pretty ribbon.

I like this button!!

I like the gray wristlet.

Look at all the pretty wallets.

Laura's pretty handbags.

Are you related to my momma?

Adriana & I had such a wonderful time at Laura Bee's. If you live locally, you really need to check out her shop, she has a lot of fun items, from mini wallets to messenger bags & you can design your own one of a kind handbag. If you don't live locally, Laura is really great at working with you through her online site, Laura Bee Designs.

Thanks for two VERY wonderful handbags Laura, you know you haven't seen the last of me (but don't tell my DH that.)


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Really marvellous bags, I'd be visiting if I lived there as well.