Friday, February 6, 2009

Newest Member of the Family

I would like to introduce to you Adriana.

Adriana arrived on my doorstep, wrapped in a very beautiful golden Pashmina via Michele at EyEmbellishments. Michele has a weekly Sunday post on her blog dedicated to her Sock Sibs. They get to go on all kinds of adventures & sometimes get themselves in to trouble. I had mentioned to Michele that if one or two of them would like to go to Rome & Croatia with me in May they were more than welcome. Then Adrianna showed up on my door step. My very own Sock Sib, how generous of Michele!! Adriana is the twin sister to Hobie Obie that you can view on Michele's blog.

Hobie & Adriana are the envy of all the other Sock Sibs. This brother & sister duo have special powers that the other Sibs don't. They can stick to magnetic things & they can hold things in their arms.

Look ma, no hands!!

Adriana, you've been here one day & have already

found the liquor cabinet, will have to keep an eye on you!

Mom, is this for me?

Matisse, my bengal, was kind enough to introduce himself to his new sister the night that she arrived. (I think Adriana was a little nervous.)

I cannot wait to take her with me in May, we have plans to visit Vatican City & Adriana wants to see the Coliseum (me too!!)

I hope to post Adriana's adventures here every Friday, so check back & see what's she's been getting herself into. She just went to the office with me yesterday & had a wonderful time. I'll post those pics next Friday. Here's a small sample of what I caught her doing.

Adriana, don't you dare!!


michele said...

Adriana could not have picked a more fabulous family to join. It will be a pleasure to watch her adventures. She already looks pretty darn happy and comfortable in her new home (and having creatures at work always makes for a more enjoyable workday. :)

Karen said...

Interesting, I seen a few pictures that people take of their travels, one was with a penguin (plastic).

Love the colouring on your Bengal cat, beautiful.

Sherry said...

oh how cute and special. Is that cat a bengal? Gorgeous kitty.

Michelle said...


AdeleSews said...

I love your blog, Great to read, inspiring pictures. Just all round fantastic! XXX