Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another painted bondaweb piece......

.........(& probably my last). This piece developed from my sampling with painted bondaweb & Angelina Fibers.

© 2009 Tracy Borders
I left the backing on the bondaweb & painted it with Golden Acrylics Dioxazine Purple. After the paint dried (still leaving the backing paper on) I fused Angelina Fibers to the surface, using a pressing sheet & waiting for it to completely cool before I removed the pressing sheet. I then, peeled the backing paper off VERY gently & cut it into strips of different widths.

Sitting that aside, I hand dyed bamboo poplin & cheesecloth to match the purple color from the painted bondaweb. I then fused the cheesecloth, with white Misty Fuse to the bamboo. Before I cut these into strips, I fused bondaweb to the back side of the bamboo fabric & peeled away the backing paper. (This step really comes in handy a little bit later.)

After the first two rows of bamboo poplin were woven, they were then fused (ever so gently) with a Teflon pressing sheet, onto a piece of Peltex that was precut to finished size. With the bamboo being backed with bondaweb & the painted bondaweb, they fused to each other & to the Peltex all at the same time.

If you're wondering what type of bondaweb was used, I used the fairly inexpensive, thin type that's sold at JoAnn fabrics. I've talked to others that have tried this technique & discovered that they had problems with thicker & yes older, bondaweb that they had laying around in their studios for awhile. Apparently, they had problems with it not completely releasing from the backing paper.

As I stated before, I think this will probably be my last project with painted bondaweb. Handling the bondaweb, from removing the paper backing after applying the fused Angelina Fibers to weaving the strips required great patience & total relaxation on my part. It's quite fragile to work with, so I found myself walking away during the weaving process a few times just to relax myself & to calm down :)

Think I'll just happily go back to how I like to use it...............for bonding one fabric to another :)


Doreen G said...

It looks fabulous Tracy

Scrappy Cat said...

Oh, but it's so gorgeous! Thanks for the detailed instructions.

Karen said...

It looks good Tracy.

Jacq said...

This is a beautiful piece. I love the colors and texture.

Anonymous said...

so cool! i wish i knew how to make it! it looks awesome, so authentic. i make alot of things from duct tape (currently a laptop case) and i think this would look good on it. any ideas for making a simpler version? yyyoshiii@gmail.com