Monday, February 23, 2009

Hand Dyed Bamboo Gradations

I added some dyed gradations of bamboo poplin to my Etsy store. They're a 9-step gradation using Procion Dyes. For the set above, I used a deep navy.

For Sale

I think the Moss Green, above might be my favorite of the three!! Kym from kimbuktu Etsy store, did a trade with me for some of this fabric & she made the MOST beautiful bag from my fabric. I told her, if I didn't already have one of her beautiful quilted bags, that this one would be mine!! I have a feeling, this bag might sell pretty quickly!

For Sale

This was dyed with Turkish Red. Kym also received some of this color but her's was dyed with cotton muslin. Check out her bag she made with this fabric. LOVE those squiggles :). It's so nice to see what someone else can do with the fabric that you've dyed. Thanks Kym!!!

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kimbuktu said...

Thanks Tracy, I love your fabric! It was great to work with, and the results were even better than I had hoped.