Friday, November 14, 2008

I have a new label.................

I've been called many different things (think nicely, here) :)

I've been called an artist, a Fiber artist, a quilter, a surface person, a dyer (I've never really considered myself a mixed media artist) but now I have a new title to add to my list..............."cross-over person."

I'm so lucky, my quilting store & bead store moved in together so now I can visit one store to get fabric & beads.

I went in to get thread for this...........

This is going to be a cover for a new journal. It's molding paste, stitched, painted & beaded. The color in person is so much brighter, think peacock feather & you've nailed the colors.

And beads for this............

This is hand dyed bamboo poplin that I've free motion stitched. Plans are to bead it & create holiday ornaments or gift tie-ons.

I'll post pics of both once they're finished & yes, they'll both be in my Etsy store!!

Back to my new I was checking out & visiting with one of the ladies that works there, she asked what I did. As I showed her these two pieces, she said, "oh, you're one of those cross-over people, you know, that do beading & quilting." And I said, yes, I guess I am. So, now I have a new title to add to my list. Are you a cross-over person?

By the way, I've created some blank note cards for my Etsy store. You'll find a closeup of Green Apple Martini & a blue woven bamboo strip squiggled pc there.


Karen said...

Somehow, somewhere there has got to be a joke in the "cross-over" person but for the life of me I can't think of it at the moment.

LOL, I prefer to think of myself as multi-talented -vbg- I'm not sure what others think though.

Fannie said...

Cross-over--interesting, unique . . . hmmmm.

You definitely create art in all of its available media, that's for sure. I admire that. Good for you!

How about "move-over" person! Move out of the way--Tracy's coming with her multi-media art! ;-D