Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Before & After..............

I wasn't sure about posting these, since the metallic paints in the samples really don't appear in the photos very well & I feel that the metallic "shine" is what really makes the pieces!! (In each of these samples, you'll see the before & after they were painted. You may have to click on the photos to see detail better.)

© 2008 Tracy Borders
The piece above, was created by weaving cheesecloth layered fiber strips & plain strips & fabric. The second photo shows how the piece turned out after it was painted with several layers of colors. I LOVE the colors in this piece!!

© 2008 Tracy Borders
I had little hope for the photo with the couched threads (I thought it was pretty ugly.) After I painted this piece (on the right), I really ended up loving the it. It has quite a few layers of neon green acrylic paint & Payne's Gray acrylic. After the paint dried, I applied pewter Treasure Gold to all of the rasied surfaces, which I think really helped make the piece "pop". (Wished the photo was just a little bit better for you to see, it's not as muddy as it may appear.)

© 2008 Tracy Borders
This sample piece was done on a 5"x7" canvas. The metal squiggles & cheesecloth were laid on top of the molding paste while it was still wet.
I'm still not sure about the success of this sample. Layers of Payne's Gray was painted over the cheesecloth & burnt orange on the right & then a metallice green & silver over the entire piece. I think I might have to live with this one for awhile before I can decide if I like it or not.

© 2008 Tracy Borders

Remember the molding paste journal I've been teasing you about? Here's a closeup. This piece has really been a learning & challenging piece for me & has taught me a lot of patience as well. Just as things seem to be going well & I think that I can move forward on to the next step, a bump in the road appears & it has to be tackled before I can move on. But, I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself, I haven't given up & tossed the piece aside & moved on to something completely new, I've stuck with it & I think I'm going to be really pleased with how this journey ends!!


Fannie said...

T, what a wonderful journey this is. You are in the "process zone." Good for you! I notice that each piece has taken you to a different place--creativity is fun, isn't it? And watching you play is even "funner." ;-D

Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

you already know what I think of the canvas Tracy, its fabulous,
the journal is also looking good :)

Sherry said...

Tracy, that canvas is absolutely the BEST! I love the texture, the colors, just everything about it. You've pulled some thoughts right out of my head and I thank you for having more courage than I to move forward with your explorations and experiments! Obviously, I procrastinate way too long. Great job!! The blue journal looks delicious, too.

Scrappy Cat said...

I love all of these! I'm glad I clicked on the pictures to see them better - they're all gorgeous.

And I've given you an award - you can see it on my blog.