Thursday, October 2, 2008

Didn't Make it into Quilt National

This is the first year I've entered a piece into Quilt National. I went in thinking that it probably wouldn't get accepted, since this is the first time I've submitted to this show, but a teeny part of me was SO hoping that it would.

Remember Green Apple Martini?

(also known amongst an inner circle of artist friends as GAM) Well, she was rejected.

She's been entered into a couple of different shows & rejected at both. I think someone's trying to tell me she needs to be put into my Etsy store (which I REALLY hope to have open by the end of October.) I know it's only been two shows & that you probably get more rejections than you do acceptions, but that's ok, on to my next piece.

One great thing, I submitted GAM to Betty at Embellishment Village & she said that she would love to post GAM on their website!! So all was not lost.

(For those that have never seen Green Apple Martini before, she was made from hand dyed bamboo poplin & cheesecloth, thread painted, Angelina Fibers, metal squiggle clips & those bright neon triangles were created from toilet tissue paper casts from rubber stamps.)


Fannie said...

Bravo, T!

Joanna van said...

It's a great piece and you should be proud Tracy. I know how difficult it is when you get rejections but I'm sure all the best quilt artists have also suffered rejections. Keep trying:) It's beautiful quilting.

Karen said...

I think GAM is beautiful Tracy and as far as being rejected well having just visited a web-site that posted pictures of quilts that had been stolen from various quilt shows I'm not sure it was a bad thing although if you're looking for exposure maybe it was.

I think it's a great piece and good that it's being advertised on the other web site.

Scrappy Cat said...

This is beautiful - sorry you didn't get into quilt national, but congrats on having it posted on Embellishment Village's website.

And you've been tagged - read the rules on my blog:

maggi said...

Love it. Their loss ... etc

michele said...

Actually your odds are quite good. I don't know if we ever get used to rejection (acceptance immediately following is sweet, tho). Here is an old site that may amuse:rejectionletters