Wednesday, July 16, 2008


UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel). I did some playing with UTEE. Look, they make it in my green!!!

If you've never used this before, it's quite easy to learn. I started off with a 2" by 2" square of paper. I then took a Versa Ink embossing pad & stamped the entire 2" square. UTEE is just like embossing powder but on steroids (the powder granules are bigger). I sprinkled the powdered UTEE onto the paper, dumped the excess back into the jar & hit it with a heat gun. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PROPER VENTILATION & WEAR A MASK, this is some steenky stuff.

When the powder is in it's liquid state, do NOT touch, it gets VERY, VERY hot!! After I applied my first layer & heated it to a molten state, I repeated those steps 3 more times, powder then heat, to build up the thickness. After I sprinkled the powder, I'd wait a couple of seconds for the layer below to cool in hopes of helping the powder bond, since it seemed like I was having problems with it blowing off the piece when I'd hit it with the heat gun. After heating the 4th layer, place your rubber stamp into it & let it sit & cool before you remove your rubber stamp & WA-LA you have your own hand made embellishment. (This does no damage your rubber stamp whatsoever, if you let it cool before removing from the UTEE.) Now, what to do with them?!

(You might recognize the background-it's some white on white that I dyed black.) I love how the stamped swirls resisted the dye!!


Purple Missus said...

Something else I've never tried.
Would this work on fabric do you think?
And I wonder what would happen if you tried it on Tyvek seeing as how it would start to distort as soon as you applied the heat. Theres a thought.

Karen said...

Neat, thanks for the mini tutorial.