Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The postman cometh............

I wanted to share with you some beautiful art that I have received over the past few weeks.

(Isn't this just wonderful!!) I got this from Eyembellisments. This mother-daughter team handcraft ceramic buttons & art cards. These pieces can be taken off of the cards & used in your own work or simply left on the cards as beautiful little pieces of art. They use tons of squiggles in the patterning on their buttons, which I just love!!! I've contacted Michelle & as soon as she gets back from California's Long Beach quilt show, she said she could custom squiggle some buttons for me. (Am thinking of using them as fasteners on some of my journals.)

Speaking of journals, check out the beautiful one below that I won from Fannie, off her blog. I met Fannie while doing a thread painting pc swap with her a few months ago. What a wonderful lady & her work never ceases to amaze me. You must check out her blog. Every day there's a post with new work, I don't know how she finds enough time in the day (the woman must be a machine.) :)

The pc below, I received from Aynsley(sorry no blog) in a black & white plus one color swap in Surface Design. Love the color & the swirls!! (A woman after my own heart.) She used a monoprint technique. Thanks, Aynsley!!


Karen said...

Really nice Tracy, I like the journal the best though probably because of the colours and the fact that it's a journal.

michele said...

you are hilarious, who would have thought to have a whole squiggle category! And how co-inky-dental - I just joined the surface design group and did a garden/odd creature trade. hee hee, can't wait to be in a trade with you. michele

TracyB said...

I logged on to my blog Friday morning, to find out that Blogger locked my blog because it was seen as possibly a spam blog.

I was instructed to fill out a form to have a human review my blog to see that it wasn't a spam blog.

Have noticed that another one of my blogger friends is locked as well.

Not sure how long I'll have to wait to be reviewed & be unlocked so I can start posting again. (Of course this would happen just as I'm coming up on my 100th post!)

Anonymous said...

I love the things you have been trying! Keep it up.

Jacquie in Tacoma, WA