Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Practicing for Croatia

Yes, that dork in the photo is me. Daryl (that guy in the photo below, my DH) didn't think I looked like a dork. He said it looked like I was enjoying sailing the boat, which is the first time I've ever done this!! I'm still not comfortable with how the boat leans when the sails catch the wind. I've been told that you cannot flip the boat, but it still makes me nervous!

Remember the week long sailing trip next May that Daryl & I will be taking with some friends, to Croatia? Well, we're going to be sailing a few hours each day, site seeing then eating & sleeping on the boat. We've never done the eating & sleeping on board & since we're going to be doing it for a week, we thought we should practice before we get there. We rented a 30' boat from the sailing club that Daryl & our friends are members of. We soon decided, we must have a bigger boat if we're going to be doing this all week.

The head room in this boat was short enough that we kept bumping our heads into certain areas of the boat & trust me, you never seemed to remember that you hit your head there last time, so each time it was a painful wakening.

The sleeping berths...............I experienced my first episode of claustrophobia at about 3:30 in the morning. They were small, it was like sleeping in a tube. You had to crawl in & roll around to get into place & the ceiling was so low that every time Daryl rolled over he hit his shoulder. As I was laying there having this awful claustrophobic experience I thought, if I could just get out of the boat & get some fresh air, maybe I'd be ok, but I didn't want to wake the boat. As I laid there, Daryl decided he needed to get out of the boat. I soon followed & one of our friends was on my heels. Funny thing, was that we had all been laying there for an hour wanting to get up & out of the boat but didn't want to wake each other.

There wasn't much to see or do but I did find a couple of things to takes photos of.

(Oh by the way, we're taking another week, probably before the sailing week to site see another spot. I'd really like to go to Athens, but I think we'll end up in Rome instead. Am finding that it's a lot cheaper & easier to get to Rome than it is Athens. I don't think the art will disappoint me in Rome. I've just always wanted to go to Athens & see all the ruins that I studied while taking all of those art history courses in college.) If anyone has some "must see" spots while in Rome, please let me know!!


Joanna van said...

Wow, so exciting! Hope you have great fun. I love Europe. I've never been to Italy. I can only imagine:) I hope you find some great inspirations there.

Purple Missus said...

You don't look a dork at all - mind you, in the smaller photo it does look like you are hanging on for dear life *LOL* (Doesn't look like that when you click on it though)
Looks like this is going to be one heck of an adventure. Pity you are not coming to the UK.

Karen said...

Neat, sounds like a great experience and you don't look like a dork, lol, more like a grinning mad women who's enjoying life :D