Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wonderful Treasures

Aren't these fabulous?!! A friend/co-worker of my husband's spent a month in Sri Lanka with his family who owns a rubber tree plantation there (which sounds kinda cool) & he knew that I was a fiber nut, so he brought these wonderful pieces back for me. (Isn't he a GREAT guy?!)

The first piece is from Sri Lanka & the last 2, I think were from the area of Thailand. All 3 of these pieces are HUGE. The batik piece is approximately 68" by 37". The middle green piece, (this photo does not do it justice) is made from beautiful metallic threads throughout the entire piece & it's roughly 60" by 36". The last photo, (this piece is the biggest of the 3) is woven silk & it's 60" by 90". He bought this for me thinking it was the traditional fabric that the women wear in that area. (I've been told that this is a sari.)

I wonder if the first two pieces he bought from a garment district area(do they have those there)? The reason I question this is the first two pieces have finished seams in the them like it was possibly a remnant from another finished piece. I love that they have these seams. It makes me wonder what the rest of the fabric was used for.

As for having any plans for these beautiful works of art, they're to sit on my shelf & be admired for awhile since I just can't bring myself to cut into the first 2 pieces & the 3rd piece, I haven't decided how to display that one yet (I'm running out of wall space).

I keep hoping some day, I'll be able to travel to these far away places & have the excitement of bringing home my own little textile treasures.


Karen said...

Very nice Tracy, it's so thoughtful that he used luggage space to bring these back for you and a man no less. I don't think it would even occur to any guy I know to do that.

Jacq said...

The fabrics are beautiful. They definetly need to be admired for a long time. What a wonderful gift.

ArtChic said...

I know what you mean Tracy, I have a hard time sometimes cutting into some nice fabric even if I just bought off a bolt. And more often I have a hard time taking a wool roving and preparing for spinning, it has beauty in it's own right.