Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Getting all of my ducks in a row

I've been dyeing fabrics for over, oh my, 18 years now & I was taught to keep "recipe cards" of my dye swatches so if I ever wanted to go back & recreate that color again, I would have that recipe to do so (like you see in the first photo). I have always kept them in one of those photo albums that holds 2-4"by6" photos per sheet, but I've constantly had problems with these. I couldn't put many swatch cards in an album because of the card & swatch thickness. The album wouldn't stand up on a book shelf very well & those sleeves that held the cards were so flimsy they would slip out of the binder rings too easily, so I've been searching for a new way to display my recipes.

I came across a company a year or so ago that made these small binders that would hold 6-2"by2" swatches for quilters but I thought they were expensive for what their purpose was so I came up with my own plan. I purchased my sleeves (2nd photo) from a company that sold coin supplies. These are acid free sheets that hold 12-2.5"by2.5" squares. I thought it was a great idea (although I'm sure others have already come across this as well) Since I work in a lot of different types of fibers, I thought it would be great to see how one recipe works on different fabrics & that it could all be see at once in one of these sheets & what's also nice, if I'm looking for a red, but not sure what shade, I have up to 12 different options to view at one time. Now to convert all of my old swatch cards into the new format. Think I'll save that for a rainy day when I feel the need to "organize" something.


Karen said...

Great idea to display the swatches Tracy.

Michelle said...

BRILLIANT idea! Looks terrific and fun to flip through, too!

imquilternity said...

This is a wonderful idea! It looks easy to do in addition to providing an easy way to find a dye color when you need it. I love anything that makes organizing easier!