Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ah Vacation!!!

Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile, but I have a good reason. My husband & I went to Whistler, BC in Canada for a week. One of my husband's childhood friends flew out from Iowa to ski Whistler, so while he & my husband skiied, I shopped, people watched & just relaxed & did absolutely NOTHING & it was great!!

Daryl & I at the Blackcomb Gondola. Of course, the boys had to be on the slopes as soon as they opened, which is why this photo is a little dark.

Daryl took this, thought he did a really nice job, love the black treeline!

He also did the photos below, thought he did a great job at catching the different colors in the sky. I love the clouds in the third picture that I took & you can also see where the sun is hitting as it's rising.

Yes I took the one below. One of the foot bridges in Whistler village has on each side 5 posts with cast bronze sculptures on each pedestal. One is of a telescope, another is of a glass block, and another of an old time view finder, all things you can look through. This piece was on the other side along with other educational sculptures, like a bronze shell & small animal skeletal heads. I just really liked this & you know the first thing I did was run my fingers over the spikey looking pieces. (They reminded me of cocka burs-I'm sure that's not spelled right- when we were kids we'd get them stuck all over our clothes & we'd have to pluck them off.) I love how the frost created patterns all over the piece!


Karen said...

Love the pictures Tracy it's almost like you can reach out and touch the mountains. Cute couple out there in front of the gondala:)

The spiky things remind me of pinecones.

Michelle said...

Great pics! What a beautiful place ~ but it looks sooooooooo cold!!! Those spikey things look like sweet gum balls ~ do they have those in BC? I thought they were a southern thing.