Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nice Surprises in the Mail

I received these last week & aren't they wonderful? The top postcard is from a "Something Red" swap I did with Dianne Ceray (sorry couldn't find a website for Dianne to post). Dianne gave me some wonderful pointers on how to straighten up the edges when I use a satin stitch on the edges of my postcards & ATC's (note previous blog entry) THANK YOU, DIANNE!!

The flower stitch foot pc is from Annette Jeavons. I just love it!! The colors & the shiny metallic fabrics used in both really makes the cards "pop". Thanks ladies!! (I have them both on my wall at work so I can admire them every day.)


Michelle said...

Those are beautiful! Lucky You!

Karen said...

I like both but am drawn to the colours in the green piece.